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My name is Ethan Cha, and I am running for Minnesota House District 47B. I am running for office because I care about the future of our state.  We have survived an unprecedented period these past two years.  Now, more than ever is time for us to build a Minnesota that supports working families, those who are vulnerable, and those who are our future. As your CHAmpion I will work on the following priorities:

ETHAN CHAmpions Minnesota

Our Ecosystem: 

The future of our natural resources is in jeopardy.  
  • We need to protect our water, soil, and air from pollutants that harm not just the environment but also the people who rely on them.
  • We must fight for legacy funds to continue preserving the natural habitat of this region, expand trails and bike paths, and create parks to make our city livable.
  • It is necessary for us to have a resiliency plan and mitigation solutions for extreme changes in our climate that will be borne by our residents.

ETHAN CHAmpions the Environment


Families with Diverse Needs: 

Our families are all unique in their own ways.    
  • Many of us are raising children.  We need access to high-quality and affordable childcare.  We especially need to invest in families caring for those with special needs.  This includes medical assistance, supplemental programming, and mental health support.
  • Supporting women’s rights and gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable community.
  • Our children in k-12 deserve a well-rounded education that will equip them for the rigor and competitiveness of post-secondary education in the global economy that awaits them.  We must fully fund education and close the achievement gap.
  • Some of us are caring for aging family members.  We need systems that include assisted living, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, adult day services, and independent living options.
  • At the intersection of meeting these diverse needs is affordable and stable housing.  It is imperative for us to invest in housing infrastructure, provide down payment assistance, welcome innovative housing solutions, and offer incentives for investments in housing. 

ETHAN CHAmpions Families


Economic Security: 

Can be achieved through livable wages, growing jobs, and increasing benefits    

  • Wages have not kept up with inflation.  Supporting jobs that pay a living wage will ensure residents are able to live, spend, and invest in our city.
  • Attracting businesses, big and small, will safeguard sustained economic vitality.
  • Supporting families by providing benefits such as FMLA, Earn Sick and Safe Pay, and affordable healthcare benefits will protect families allowing them to care for those they love. 

ETHAN CHAmpions Economic Security

Achieving all of this will not be easy.     

In the current state of political discourse, being able to cooperate, gain buy-in, and pass sensible legislation to address these issues will require compromise.  I will work to reach across the aisle and collaborate to achieve real wins that will ensure our district is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.  

I have spent my life running campaigns, empowering candidates who share these same values, and helping them secure seats so we can work towards our collective goals. I am humbled at the call to step up to represent you in the Minnesota Legislature.  I hope to earn your support to be the DFL endorsed candidate. It would be my great honor to be the conduit to amplify your voices and CHAmpion the issues you care most about.  

I am a husband, father, son, friend, and neighbor. My lived experiences as each of my identities has provided me with experiences that are rich and a resolve that will allow me to fight for my fellow Minnesotans.

Thank You,

Ethan Cha

Candidate for House District 47B




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